Join OpenAI

We’re building safe Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and ensuring it leads to a good outcome for humans. We believe that unreasonably great results are best delivered by a highly creative group working in concert.

We're hiring experienced software engineers and deep learning experts to join our team in San Francisco. If you have a track record of developing creative deep learning ideas or implementing high-performing deep learning models, please apply for a full-time deep learning role.

If you are a student and have done work in deep learning, we encourage you to apply for an internship at OpenAI. Interns and their mentors work together to complete a project or publication by the end of the 3-month internship.

If you have objective accomplishments in a technical field and want to switch to deep learning, a fellowship is the best way to get started here. The fellowship is a 4 month program that can convert to a full-time role. During the fellowship, we provide guidance and mentorship, helping people become highly productive in AI research on a short time horizon.

If you are an experienced software engineer (especially with distributed systems, infrastructure, or generalist backend skills), then apply for our Large-Scale Reinforcement Learning Engineer or Software Engineer roles.

OpenAI encourages candidates with diverse backgrounds to apply, and sponsors visas.

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