Researcher Access Program application


We’re interested in supporting researchers using our products to study areas related to the responsible deployment of AI and mitigating associated risks. If you are interested in an opportunity for subsidized access, please provide details about your research use case. We are currently prioritizing research in the areas listed below, but are excited to hear about other research questions.

We encourage applications from early stage researchers in countries supported by our API, and are especially interested in subsidizing work from researchers with limited financial and institutional resources.

Before applying, please take a moment to review our Research Policy.


We’re offering access to researchers who have been conducting research on Codex for a limited period of time.

Supported countries and territories

We’re initially scoping to these areas, but welcome suggestions for future focus areas. The questions under each area are illustrative and we’d be delighted for research proposals that address different questions.

Within the research area selected above, please describe the type of work you plan on doing with the API and your approach. Include your proposed research question(s), hypotheses if applicable, brief research design, and how the API will support your work.

(e.g., 3 months, 6 months)?

Would you be the sole investigator or would you require technical access for multiple individuals?