Preparedness Challenge

To expand our understanding of areas of concern (and build the team!), we are launching our Preparedness Challenge.


Responses will be accepted on a rolling basis through December 31, 2023. We will offer $25,000 each in API credits to up to 10 top submissions, publish novel ideas and entries, and look for candidates for Preparedness from among the top contenders in this challenge.

Note: Participants are responsible for ensuring that they are authorized to share any information provided to OpenAI as part of this challenge. Please do not submit any sensitive information, including confidential information, government classified information, or any information that would require a government license for release or export.

Imagine we gave you unrestricted access to OpenAI's Whisper (transcription), Voice (text-to-speech), GPT-4V, and DALLE·3 models, and you were a malicious actor. Consider the most unique, while still being probable, potentially catastrophic misuse of the model. You might consider misuse related to the categories discussed in the blog post, or another category. For example, a malicious actor might use GPT-4, Whisper and Voice to socially engineer workers at critical infrastructure facilities into installing malware, allowing shutdown of the power grid.

Maximum 20 words

Maximum 100 words

Link directly to a 3 page max PDF. Links to download a PDF will not be accepted.

Now, imagine you have joined the Preparedness team.

Maximum 300 words

Maximum 150 words