Welcome, Pieter and Shivon!

We have two more team updates.

Welcome Pieter And Shivon

Justin Jay Wang × DALL·E

April 26, 2016

We have two more team updates.

  • Pieter AbbeelPieter is a professor at UC Berkeley specializing in making robots learn. He’s been giving us advice since before OpenAI was born, and now he’s taking a leave from Berkeley to work with us full-time. Pieter and his lab members have been responsible for some of the most striking advances in robot learning and deep reinforcement learning (RL) in recent years. Together, we will explore ways to combine unsupervised learning with RL, which we believe could address fundamental limitations in today’s RL algorithms.
  • Shivon ZilisShivon is a partner at Bloomberg Beta focusing on machine intelligence. She has an extremely broad view of how the space is evolving (and has written extensively on the landscape). We’ve been going to her for advice for the past few months, and now she’s becoming an official advisor to OpenAI.

We could not be more excited to work with both. Welcome Pieter and Shivon!