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OpenAI Residency

Our 6-month program is a bridge for brilliant technical researchers from diverse fields to transition into AI.

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About the program

OpenAI Residency is designed to help bridge the knowledge gap for exceptional researchers and engineers in other fields to gain the critical skills and knowledge to transition their careers into the AI & ML space.

“This program is an excellent way for people who are curious, passionate, and skilled to sharpen their focus on AI and machine learning—and to help us invent the future.”
Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI
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Who we’re looking for

The program is ideal for researchers specializing in fields outside of deep learning like mathematics, physics, or neuroscience. The program can also work well for exceptionally talented software engineers who seek to transition into full-time Research based positions in the field of AI.

Residents leverage their existing experience to work on real AI problems with our Research teams, receiving a full salary during the program. We value excellence from various educational backgrounds, including self-taught individuals, and encourage diverse applicants to reflect the human experience in our work.

OpenAI Residency was more than a program—it was a crucible of growth, blending academic rigor with nurturing mentorship, and teaching me to be bold yet methodical.

Tyna Eloundou Former OpenAI Resident

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No. The Residency is not an internship. For those Residents who perform well we extend full-time offers to join OpenAI immediately upon completion of the six-months Residency.

“A leap from biology to AI? OpenAI Residency said ‘yes,’ turning doubts into the most fundamental, impactful, and fun research I’ve ever done.”
Dan Mossing, Former OpenAI Resident

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Join us in shaping the future of technology.