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May 30, 2018

OpenAI Fellows Fall 2018

We’re now accepting applications for the next cohort of OpenAI Fellows, a program which offers a compensated 6-month apprenticeship in AI research at OpenAI.

OpenAI Fellows

Illustration: Ruby Chen

We designed this program for people who want to be an AI researcher, but do not have a formal background in the field.

Each Fellow will be mentored by an OpenAI researcher and have the chance to work within one of our research teams on topics like multi-agent reinforcement learning(opens in a new window)generative models(opens in a new window)robotics(opens in a new window), and others. Fellows will spend the first two months of the program working through a curriculum of key topics in AI, learning about research projects at OpenAI, and writing a research proposal based on their interests. Fellows will then work on the project laid out in their research proposal for the next 4 months with guidance from their mentor.

The Fellows program is designed for people who want to transition into doing artificial intelligence research; our current cohort of fellows includes people with backgrounds in genetics, software engineering, physics, and theoretical computer science. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate their interest in AI research via past projects or evidence of significant self(opens in a new window)-study(opens in a new window). (If you’re in the middle of a degree program, please apply for an internship instead.)

We will give priority to applicants that can join OpenAI full-time following the program. The Fellows program is compensated at the level of selective Bay Area software internships. We can accommodate up to six fellows in the September cohort and may close applications early, so don’t hestiate to submit your applications. To apply, visit the jobs page(opens in a new window) for further details. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. We will notify applicants regarding their admissions status by July 31st, 2018. Please direct any questions you may have to