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Match Group

Match Group uses ChatGPT Enterprise to spark creativity and impact.

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Match Group is the global leader in online dating with a portfolio of products including Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid. They’re incorporating a new era of AI into their products and internal operations, finding that ChatGPT Enterprise is making their employees happier, more creative, and more successful.

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Building great products is about more than tech

Match Group is constantly working to improve their products and build magical user experiences that spark new connections. In order to do so, they need to continually help employees grow and connect, too.

“People are more innovative when they’re well-rounded and able to collaborate beyond their traditional disciplines.”
Mark Kantor, VP of Innovation at Match Group

Collaboration can get stuck, however, when team members don’t speak the same language. Sometimes literally:  “We have studios in Seoul and Japan that need to collaborate with teams in the U.S.,” Kantor said. Many members of these teams are not fluent in English, making deep technical conversations challenging.

Often the gaps in connection are more an issue of differing skills and knowledge, keeping employees from fully expressing their creativity or working seamlessly across teams and roles. Designers and product managers might have an idea for a new project, but not the coding skills to prototype it effectively. Team members with less writing proficiency may struggle to formulate strong proposals or create high-quality documentation.  All of these challenges are now surmountable with AI.

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“Our teams are optimistic about their ability to improve productivity, collaboration, and creativity. We really believe in the potential for AI to transform the workplace and employee happiness.”
Will Wu, CTO of Match Group

Leveraging ChatGPT Enterprise for a happier, more productive company

Match Group wasted no time assessing the potential of ChatGPT Enterprise to not only build better products but empower their workforce. What they found was inspiring: “As soon as we all started really chatting about our AI strategy and playing with ChatGPT to understand the reasoning capabilities of the model, our imaginations ran wild,” Wu said.  

Match Group began to explore integrating OpenAI’s API to build new products and features, such as helping users create deeper, more authentic profiles with less effort. At the same time, they moved quickly to adopt ChatGPT Enterprise and roll it out to thousands of employees. The results of this ChatGPT have been even beyond what leadership initially expected. “There’s a lot of obvious use cases for ChatGPT, but as more employees have gotten access, they’ve discovered surprising use cases that really take it to the next level, and you realize that we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible,” Kantor said.

Match Group has seen employees use ChatGPT Enterprise to improve:

  • Cross-functional collaboration. Collaboration on technical topics has emerged as one of the most valuable uses of ChatGPT Enterprise, with product managers and designers finding new ways to develop prototypes—even if they don’t know how to code.

  • Focus groups for product usability. The design team has experimented with GPT-4’s multimodal capabilities to run simulated user studies. By uploading wireframes and asking ChatGPT to mimic a specific persona, designers can pose questions while they ask the “user” to navigate the interface and provide feedback.

  • Engineering efficiency. Engineers have used ChatGPT Enterprise to fix bugs, write documentation, architect new APIs, and more. “One eye-opening moment for me happened when a team prototyped a feature by pulling together an iOS app in a single day,” Wu shared. “What shocked me was when I learned that the engineer who had created the prototype had never created an iOS app before—they were using ChatGPT to put the app together on-the-fly.”

  • Knowledge sharing. Match Group is exploring creating custom GPTs that are accessible to all employees in the Enterprise workspace. For example, creating a GPT that can read through and search all of the internal documentation can help team members better understand everything from trust & safety policies to technical decisions. “ChatGPT has created a culture of self-directed learning,” Wu said.

  • Translation and international collaboration. “Using ChatGPT for translation has allowed our international teams to truly connect with the rest of our global workforce in a totally new way, enabling an incredible amount of collaboration that transcends language and culture,” Kantor said.

“ChatGPT is helping people learn in new ways.”
Mark Kantor, VP of Innovation at Match Group
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Supercharging people and products

As they continue to build AI deeper into their products and operations, Match Group is excited to deepen their partnership with OpenAI.

“Support from OpenAI has been critical to ensure we roll out AI in a responsible way within the company.”
Will Wu, CTO of Match Group

“Working with the OpenAI account team has been so collaborative, supportive, and productive, and allowed us to have the right conversations with the right people at the right time,” said Wu. With ChatGPT Enterprise “supercharging our entire employee base,” Match Group plans to incorporate AI into every part of the online dating journey, building on top of OpenAI’s API. “Every team at Match Group is either actively building AI to improve the product, or actively designing and thinking of ways in which it will be helpful,” Kantor said. “Not only will AI be something that our employees and teams use on a daily basis to make them more productive and happy, but we will also find ways to responsibly add AI into our products to make it easier for our customers to build connections.”