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June 12, 2024

Consumer privacy at OpenAI

We are committed to protecting people’s privacy.

Ways to manage your data

One of the most useful features of AI models is that they can improve over time. We continuously improve our models through both research breakthroughs and exposure to real-world problems and data.

When you share content with us, it helps our models become more accurate and better at solving your specific problems. 

We understand users may not want their data used to improve our models and provide ways for them to manage their data:

  • ChatGPT Free and Plus users can easily control whether they contribute to future model improvements in their settings(opens in a new window)

  • In ChatGPT, “Temporary Chats” will not be used to train our models.

  • We do not train on API, ChatGPT Enterprise, and ChatGPT Team customer data by default.

Our goal is to build helpful AI models

We want our AI models to learn about the world—not private individuals. We use training information to help our AI models, like ChatGPT, learn about language and how to understand and respond to it.

We do not actively seek out personal information to train our models, and we do not use public information on the internet to build profiles about people, advertise to or target them, or to sell user data.

Our models generate new words each time they are asked a question. They don’t store information in a database for recalling later or “copy and paste” training information when responding to questions.

We work to:

  • Reduce the amount of personal information used to train our models

  • Train models to reject requests for private or sensitive information

  • Minimize the possibility that our models might generate responses that include the private or sensitive personal information

Read more about how our models are developed(opens in a new window)

More information

For more information on how we use and protect personal information, please read our help article on data usage(opens in a new window) and Privacy policy. You can submit privacy requests through the Privacy Request Portal(opens in a new window).


Data submitted through the OpenAI API is not used to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering. Data submitted through non-API consumer services ChatGPT or DALL·E may be used to improve our models.