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Developing beneficial AGI safely and responsibly

“AI systems are becoming a part of everyday life. 
The key is to ensure that these machines are 
aligned with human intentions and values.”
Mira Murati, Chief Technology Officer at OpenAI
A focus on safety

AI technology comes with tremendous benefits, along with serious risk of misuse. Our Charter guides every aspect of our work to ensure that we prioritize the development of safe and beneficial AI.

Safety teams

Our teams span a wide spectrum of technical efforts tackling AI safety challenges at OpenAI. The Safety Systems team stays closest to the deployment risk while our Superalignment team focuses on aligning superintelligence and our Preparedness team focuses on safety assessments for frontier models.

“This technology will profoundly transform how we live, 
and we can guide its trajectory, limit abuse, and 
secure broadly beneficial outcomes.”
Anna Makanju, Head of Public Policy at OpenAI
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