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Pioneering research on the path to AGI

We believe our research will eventually lead to artificial general intelligence, a system that can solve human-level problems. Building safe and beneficial AGI is our mission.

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“Safely aligning powerful AI systems is one of the most important unsolved problems for our mission. Techniques like learning from human feedback are helping us get closer, and we are actively researching new techniques to help us fill the gaps.”
Josh Achiam, Researcher at OpenAI

Focus areas

We build our generative models using a technology called deep learning, which leverages large amounts of data to train an AI system to perform a task.


Our text models are advanced language processing tools that can generate, classify, and summarize text with high levels of coherence and accuracy.


Our research on generative modeling for images has led to representation models like CLIP, which makes a map between text and images that an AI can read, and DALL-E, a tool for creating vivid images from text descriptions.

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We are actively seeking talented individuals to join our team. Explore featured roles or view all open roles.

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