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March 13, 2019

OpenAI Scholars 2019: Meet our Scholars

Our class of eight scholars (out of 550 applicants) brings together collective expertise in literature, philosophy, cell biology, statistics, economics, quantum physics, and business innovation.

OpenAI Scholar presenting their 2019 Final Project while a live audience looks on

2019 Scholar Jonathan Michaux. Photo: Blake Tucker

Our scholars are applying these specializations to current AI research and documenting their progress as they continue to grow as machine learning practitioners.

This is our second class of OpenAI Scholars. Their program began in February and will conclude with the completion of an open-source final project. Throughout the program, scholars share their progress with the research community through their blogs. Some applications our scholars are working towards are:

  • Applying reinforcement learning to robotic manipulation

  • Improving inference and reasoning in natural language processing

  • Applying reinforcement learning algorithms to sentiment analysis

Meet the Scholars


Our Scholars demonstrate core technical skills across various expert domains and self-motivation—critical competences for a self-directed program like this one. They each entered the field of machine learning as relative newcomers, and we hope their progress shows how accessible machine learning is. To begin your learning journey, check out some of our educational materials.

Thanks to AWS for providing compute credits to the scholars. Additional thank you to our dedicated community mentors for their time advising the scholars on their projects.