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May 23, 2019

OpenAI Scholars 2019: Final projects

Our second class of OpenAI Scholars has concluded, with all eight scholars producing an exciting final project showcased at Scholars Demo Day at OpenAI.

OpenAI Scholar presenting their 2019 Final Project

2019 Scholar Janet Brown. Photo: Blake Tucker

Over the past three months, we’ve seen how experienced engineers working in software, medicine, physics, child development and other fields can become machine learning practitioners with our combination of educational resources and mentorship.

Person presenting to a live audience on Demo Day
Person gesturing and asking a question through a microphone while seated in the audience at Demo Day
Two people standing together while one person writes on a piece of paper while the other looks on


Our Scholars demonstrate core technical skills across various expert domains and self-motivation—critical competences for a self-directed program like this one. They each entered the field of machine learning as relative newcomers, and we hope their progress shows how accessible machine learning is. To begin your learning journey, check out some of our educational materials. More information about the next class of Scholars and how to apply will be announced in July. Stay tuned!

Thanks to AWS for providing compute credits to the scholars. Additional thank you to our dedicated community mentors for their time advising the scholars on their projects.