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May 30, 2024

Introducing OpenAI for Nonprofits

We’re launching a new initiative to enhance the accessibility of our tools for nonprofit organizations, including discounted rates for ChatGPT Team and Enterprise.

ChatGPT Nonprofits

Today, we’re introducing OpenAI for Nonprofits, a new initiative to enhance the accessibility of our tools for nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofits are already using ChatGPT to increase productivity and serve their communities in novel ways. Operational challenges, limited funding, and staffing shortages can often constrain their social impact. ChatGPT can help nonprofits of all sizes overcome these barriers, enabling them to achieve more with fewer resources. Whether it’s drafting grant proposals, refining data analysis, or tailoring communication strategies for diverse audiences, ChatGPT can serve as a powerful force multiplier for nonprofit organizations. 

With OpenAI for Nonprofits, nonprofit organizations can now access ChatGPT Team at a discounted rate of $20 per month per user. Larger nonprofits ready for large-scale deployment can contact our sales team to access a 50% discount on ChatGPT Enterprise. These offerings enable access to our most advanced models like GPT-4o, advanced tools and custom GPTs, a dedicated collaborative workspace, admin tools for team management, and robust privacy and security(opens in a new window) standards.

How nonprofits can use ChatGPT

We’re sharing four stories of how enhancing operations and productivity within a nonprofit can lead to tangible social impact. Over time, we will develop and provide more resources to help nonprofits make the most of AI technology and share best practices. If you’re a nonprofit interested in staying connected with us, we invite you to apply to join the nonprofit community we are building on the OpenAI Forum(opens in a new window).

Simplify access to international funding

Serenas(opens in a new window), a nonprofit dedicated to ending violence against women and girls in Brazil, operates with a small team. ChatGPT has been instrumental in helping Serenas unlock diverse, international funding sources by drafting effective grant proposals quickly, adapting content for new donor templates, and producing materials in both English and Portuguese. According to founder Amanda Sadalla, "With the human resources challenges we face in the nonprofit sector, ChatGPT has made connecting with international donors significantly simpler."

Improve client-centered care

The GLIDE Unconditional Legal Clinic(opens in a new window) uses ChatGPT to support legal aid in walk-in client meetings. To satisfy overwhelming demand, pro-bono attorneys meet with clients for about one hour each, which is often insufficient to fully understand the clients’ concerns. Since introducing ChatGPT, pro-bono attorneys can now provide more in-depth support within the meeting, such as reviewing large quantities of documents on the spot, summarizing key findings, and finding relevant referrals for specific legal issues.

Enhance your team’s data analysis capabilities

THINK South Africa(opens in a new window) is training public health professionals to use ChatGPT to clean, analyze, and interpret health data. Public health decision makers have historically been limited by time and expertise in their ability to use data effectively to allocate resources and prioritize activities. ChatGPT helps solve this challenge. Although health professionals trained by THINK were initially apprehensive about integrating ChatGPT into their workflows, by the end of a deep dive workshop, they found that ChatGPT actually enhanced their creative and analytical capabilities. THINK is now developing a toolkit and scaled training program to broaden the benefits of ChatGPT across public health programs in South Africa.

Curate high quality resources

Team4Tech(opens in a new window), a nonprofit impact accelerator working to bridge the global digital equity gap, is leveraging ChatGPT to help curate their EdTech resource hub which serves their nonprofit community of over 800 organizations reaching over 39 million learners globally. As new resources are created daily, curation can be time-consuming. Team4Tech uses ChatGPT to perform an initial evaluation of each resource and flag specific areas of alignment or concern. Team4Tech staff can then review ChatGPT’s findings to conduct their due diligence more quickly and holistically. Dr. Jody Britten, Team4Tech’s Head of Research and Innovation, shares, “ChatGPT enables us to curate resources more accurately, which helps us ensure our nonprofits have access to the best resources available.”

Explore more details(opens in a new window) about OpenAI for Nonprofits or apply here(opens in a new window) to get started.