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May 13, 2024

Introducing GPT-4o and more tools to ChatGPT free users

We are launching our newest flagship model and making more capabilities available for free in ChatGPT.

In line with our mission, we are focused on advancing AI technology and ensuring it is accessible and beneficial to everyone. Today we are introducing our newest model, GPT-4o, and will be rolling out more intelligence and advanced tools to ChatGPT for free.

Introducing GPT-4o

GPT-4o is our newest flagship model that provides GPT-4-level intelligence but is much faster and improves on its capabilities across text, voice, and vision.

Today, GPT-4o is much better than any existing model at understanding and discussing the images you share. For example, you can now take a picture of a menu in a different language and talk to GPT-4o to translate it, learn about the food's history and significance, and get recommendations. In the future, improvements will allow for more natural, real-time voice conversation and the ability to converse with ChatGPT via real-time video. For example, you could show ChatGPT a live sports game and ask it to explain the rules to you. We plan to launch a new Voice Mode with these new capabilities in an alpha in the coming weeks, with early access for Plus users as we roll out more broadly.

To make advanced AI more accessible and useful worldwide, GPT-4o's language capabilities are improved across quality and speed. ChatGPT also now supports
more than 50 languages(opens in a new window) across sign-up and login, user settings, and more.

We are beginning to roll out GPT-4o to ChatGPT Plus and Team users, with availability for Enterprise users coming soon. We are also starting to roll out to ChatGPT Free with usage limits today. Plus users will have a message limit that is up to 5x greater than free users, and Team and Enterprise users will have even higher limits.

Bringing more intelligence and advanced tools for free

Our mission includes making advanced AI tools available to as many people as possible. Every week, more than a hundred million people use ChatGPT. We are starting to roll out more intelligence and advanced tools to ChatGPT Free users over the coming weeks.

When using GPT-4o, ChatGPT Free users will now have access to features such as:

There will be a limit on the number of messages that free users can send with GPT-4o depending on usage and demand. When the limit is reached, ChatGPT will automatically switch to GPT-3.5 so users can continue their conversations.

Streamlining your workflow in the new desktop app

For both free and paid users, we're also launching a new ChatGPT desktop app for macOS that is designed to integrate seamlessly into anything you’re doing on your computer. With a simple keyboard shortcut (Option + Space), you can instantly ask ChatGPT a question. You can also take and discuss screenshots directly in the app.

You can now have voice conversations with ChatGPT directly from your computer, starting with Voice Mode that has been available in ChatGPT at launch, with GPT-4o’s new audio and video capabilities coming in the future. Whether you want to brainstorm a new idea for your company, prepare for an interview or have a topic you’d like to discuss, tap the headphone icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop app to start a voice conversation. 


We're rolling out the macOS app to Plus users starting today, and we will make it more broadly available in the coming weeks. We also plan to launch a Windows version later this year.

A simplified look and feel for ChatGPT

We’re introducing a new look and feel for ChatGPT that's designed to be friendlier and more conversational. You’ll notice a new home screen, message layout and more.

To experience these features as they launch, sign up or log in at