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  • Advanced models & analysis

    Generate better code, craft emails, analyze data, and anything else your team needs with our most powerful models.
  • Customized for your team

    Collaborate by creating and sharing GPTs—custom versions of ChatGPT for specific use cases, departments, or proprietary datasets.
  • Secured for your workplace

    Get a dedicated workspace for your team with admin controls, team management, and stringent security. We never train on your data or conversations.

Supercharge your team’s work

ChatGPT cuts through the noise to provide relevant, real-time information from the web for ideation and research.

Brainstorm example in ChatGPT

Tailor ChatGPT for any type of work

Build custom versions of ChatGPT for almost any area of expertise—with specific instructions, knowledge and capabilities—and publish for others to use.

Use cases for every team

Engineering use case for ChatGPT

Teams do more, faster with OpenAI


more tasks completed


faster task completion


higher quality work

Source: Harvard Business School. Employees at Boston Consulting Group given access to GPT-4 compared to peers without access.

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“Sourcegraph uses ChatGPT in almost every part of our business from financial modeling for pricing and packaging to internal and external communications to board prep to recruiting and note taking, it’s accelerated everything we do allowing us to execute at a high level.”
Connor O’BrienVP of GTM Strategy & Operations, Sourcegraph
“As a company at the forefront of innovation in insurance, Vouch’s teams require agility and precision, and ChatGPT Team has become an indispensable tool for many on our team. With ChatGPT, we're making decisions faster, and with a level of detail that was previously impossible.”
Sam HodgesCEO and co-founder, Vouch

Advanced models & tools

  • GPT-4, with 32k context

  • Latest DALL·E 3 model for image generation

  • Advanced Data Analysis

  • Browsing, for up-to-date information from the web

  • Image and voice input & output

  • Create customized GPTs

  • Share GPTs and chats with your workspace

Security & privacy

  • Admin console

  • Dedicated workspace

  • Bulk member management

  • Admin roles

  • We never train on your business data or conversations

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