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ChatGPT Team

An always-improving superassistant for every member of your team

Generate better code, craft emails, analyze data, and supercharge any type of work in a collaborative team workspace.

ChatGPT that’s built for work

Get a dedicated workspace for your team with admin controls, team management, and stringent security. We never train on your data or conversations.

An interface representing a list of team members.

Supercharge your team’s work

A conversation between a user and ChatGPT about visualizing data from a spreadsheet.

Used by every team at companies of all sizes

ChatGPT creates personalized content, translates materials, and analyzes campaign performance, helping drive lead volume.
Light pastel colors merging together, with hints of purple and green, creating an airy, abstract feel.

Teams do more, faster with ChatGPT

  • 12.2%

    more tasks completed

  • 25.1%

    faster task completion

  • 40%

    higher quality work

Harvard Business School.(opens in a new window) Employees at Boston Consulting Group given access to GPT-4 compared to peers without access.

“We use ChatGPT in almost every part of our business, from financial modeling and communications to recruiting and note taking, and it’s accelerated everything we do.”
Connor O’Brien, VP of GTM Strategy & Operations, Sourcegraph

Join us at the AI frontier

Join thousands of teams redefining how they work with ChatGPT