OpenAI Hackathon

Come to OpenAI’s office in San Francisco's Mission District for talks and a hackathon on Saturday, March 3rd. (RSVPs are now closed. We have limited space and will curate the invite list — we'll send email confirmations within the next few days.) Schedule of the day:

  • 8:30a: Doors open, coffee and pastries served.
  • 9-11a: Talks by Sam Altman, Dario Amodei, Josh Achiam, and Alec Radford.
  • 11a-7p: Hackathon! Lunch will be provided. Come with a project you’d like to hack on, figure one out with a group of others you meet here, or just hang out and eat the food. If you’re looking for inspiration, maybe try out one of our Requests for Research — but all projects, not just machine learning ones, are welcome!

Please see our Code of Conduct and hackathon terms. There are no judges, prizes, or contests — just the space and time for you to work on a project!


Feel free to come for any subset. The goal of the day is to learn more about AI, and to work on a cool project while surrounded by others doing the same.