API Terms & Policies API Terms & Policies

Community Guidelines

Updated January 20, 2021


What you build with the API and how you talk about it have real impacts on the world and also influence how people perceive technologies like this. Please use your best judgement when using the API.

Let’s work together to build impactful AI applications and create a positive development environment for all of us! We encourage folks in this community to help one another follow our guidelines and policies so everyone can have a positive product experience.

API Usage

Please do:

Please don't:

  • Anonymously (such as under a bot handle) post content, such as demo videos or blog posts, containing API outputs. Always attribute such content to your name or company.
  • Commit your API key to code you share on Github. The Python bindings will read the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable—consider using that rather than hardcoding.

Actions for which we may immediately revoke access:

  • Privately completing prompts for someone without API access who intends to publish publicly—such as on a personal blog, via an academic paper, or in the media.
  • Buying, selling, or sharing API keys (outside of using in a deployed application). Please email us if a collaborator needs API access. If you are looking to sell your company, which has access to an API key, please contact Support for further details.
  • Setting an application live without being approved by our Pre-launch Review.