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The most powerful platform for building AI products

Build and scale AI experiences powered by industry-leading models and tools.

Flagship models


Our fastest and most affordable flagship model

  • Text and vision

  • 128k context length

  • Input: $5 | Output: $15
per 1M tokens

GPT-3.5 Turbo

Our fast, inexpensive model for simple tasks

  • Text only

  • 16k context length

  • Input: $0.50 | Output: $1.50 
per 1M tokens

Access the power of our models with APIs

Chat Completions API

Get access to our most powerful models with a few lines of code.

API > Tabs > Chat Completions API > Two Up > Media > Asset

Build AI-native experiences with our tools and capabilities

Knowledge retrieval

Give the model access to your data for intelligent retrieval in your AI applications. 

API > Knowledge retrieval > Media > Asset
Code interpreter

Get models to run code iteratively to solve challenging code and math problems, and generate charts.

API Test > Code interpreter > Media > Asset
Function calling

Instruct the model to intelligently interact with your codebase and APIs using custom functions.

API Test > Function calling > Media > Asset

Get the model to understand and answer questions about images using vision capabilities.

API Test > Vision > Media > Asset

Guarantee JSON outputs from the model when you enable JSON mode.

API > JSON Mode > Media > Asset

Display model outputs in real-time as they are generated.

Customize models for your needs


Customize a model’s existing knowledge and behavior for a specific task via supervised fine-tuning.

API > Tabs 2 > Fine-Tuning API > Two Up > Media > Asset > Light

See what you can build in Playground

Explore our models and APIs in Playground without writing a single line of code.

API > Playground> Media > Asset

Enterprise-grade features for operating at scale

Security and data privacy

Administrative controls
  • Scope user roles and API keys to individual projects

  • Role-based access controls

  • Limit access to specific models within each project

  • Set billing and usage restrictions to avoid overages

  • View granular usage activity by project

Access to OpenAI expertise
  • Dedicated account team and prioritized support

  • Guidance on AI deployment and best practices from solutions architects

  • Opportunity to collaborate with researchers on building custom AI models